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I was born in London and played lead guitar for a top Reggae artist called Jean Adebambo, in live concerts and on an LP called "Feelings"

I also played bass guitar for many bands, notably 'Reynard the fox' 

                                                                      ... And "Decoy Avenue 


Performing as a solo singer & guitarist, I played summer seasons in Morocco and Ibiza.

Being offered a winter season, I moved to Germany, where I have been ever since. Seeing how much people loved Irish music as well as Guinness, I opened an Irish pub with live-music every night. Playing every Saturday and Monday myself, I also recorded a double CD called "Tony Barkham - live in the Irish Castle" together with seven of my own songs under the title of "Australia feeling".

I love playing live and connecting with the audience whether playing music to chill to, sing along with, or party to.  ... whether  Solo, in a Duo or Band

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